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The Megaport Elastic Cloud Interconnection service gives you direct and elastic network connectivity to multiple cloud providers. In just a few clicks you can gain scalable and private access to the world’s most popular cloud services. Just select your required capacity and you can be using one or multiple cloud services within minutes.


  • Access to one or multiple cloud services over your existing AMS-IX connection.
  • Request a cloud connection at the volume you need.


  • You are a direct member or customer of one of the AMS-IX USA Internet Exchanges (AMS-IX Bay Area, AMS-IX Chicago and/or AMS-IX New York).
  • You have an active physical port.
  • Please make sure that you already have an existing account with the cloud service of your choice: Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure and/or Google Cloud Platform.


There is no fixed price list for the Megaport elastic cloud interconnection services (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform). The monthly price is based on the configuration of the particular cloud service and its location. In order to check the price of the desired cloud service log in to and make an order. Once you build the cloud service you would like to order, you will see the monthly price in the order confirmation window before confirming and beginning the order process.

Please be aware that the Megaport cloud service will result in extra charges besides the changes for your AMS-IX peering port. These additional charges are billed separately at the end of each billing period (i.e. postpaid). The charges are calculated as of the date the Megaport cloud service is activated on your AMS-IX peering port (activation date). The charges are ceased as of the disconnection date of the Megaport cloud service.

How to get started?

To submit an order:

  1. Login to If you do not have access to the user portal, ask one of your colleagues who already has an account to create an account for you or contact AMS-IX USA Customer Service at
  2. Go to the “Connections” tab on your contract page.
  3. Select “Megaport Services” available on your existing active physical port.

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For more detailed information, please see the below documents:

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