Connect directly

Our Infrastructure is housed in data centers with a secure and controlled environment where you can connect locally by a cross-connect between your equipment and the AMS-IX patch panels. 

Note: you must have an agreement with the chosen colocation before you can connect to the AMS-IX network. The colocation facilities are independent of AMS-IX. For any issue regarding the housing of equipment, please contact the colocation management directly. 

AMS-IX Bay Area

Coresite Logo Digital Realty Logo Hurricane Electric Logo Dlr Telx Logo 01
CoreSite SV1
55 S Market St #104
San Jose, CA
Digital Realty
365 Main Street
San Francisco, CA
Hurricane Electric Fremont 2  
48233 Warm Springs Blvd
Fremont, CA
Digital Realty/Telx SFR1  
200 Paul Avenue
San Francisco, CA

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AMS-IX Chicago

Note: if you select the CME Cermak Hosting Facility, please first read the cross connection instruction. 

Cme Coresite Logo Dft
350 East Cermak, Suite #120
Chicago, IL
Coresite CH1
427 S La Salle St #100
Chicago, IL
2299 Busse Road
Elk Grove Village, IL

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If you don't have a presence in any of the above-mentioned data centers, you can still access our Exchanges easily via our partners: